Monday, November 12, 2012

For Immediate Release: VOC News.

So why the heck has the blog been so quiet of late?

What's been going on?

We've been crazy busy.  What do you think of the image below?  What could it mean?  It looks so...familiar. 

Well, a couple of you already know, and may in fact already have in your hot little hands a copy on DVD!  Yes, the little indie film that could is officially for sale.  We are still waiting on the some On Demand/Download Direct options are not fully reviewed and available just yet, but we do have DVDs!  They look pretty dang sexy too...

What do you think?

Drop us a line...

Or were you waiting for me to tell you where you can buy one?

As of this week, both Mike and Paul will have them for sale...

Remember Christmas is just around the corner!  Victims of Circumstance would make a great Christmas gift!

This is more then just a cool indie film made locally!  There are great bonus features too...  A candid interview with Paul and Buddy, a sneak peak at the joys of making the sound track, and of course, the outtakes.  How many takes of a scene are required to light a Zippo on cue?  You can find out. 

We're for us!

And while we're on the subject...look for some more information on Apollyon, Jim Blades, Carter, Charlie and the gang in upcoming posts!

All the best,

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