Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Soundtrack...and some more news.

Well by now you know that you can buy Victims of Circumstance on DVD.  But did you know that the score will soon be available for digital download?  Look over there...I don't sit around playing with Photoshop for my health.  I want things to look cool.  To fit in with the idea, the brand, and the look that Matt Wineke created all those months ago.

This is not the final artwork for the CD, but it is getting close.  It very much resembles the DVD (do you have yours yet?).

If you did, you would find this next piece, the DVD one page...or as it is in my case...that piece of paper that falls out of the DVD case as I try to put the movie in.  This is just another Thank You to the hard working folks both in front of and behind the camera.  You know at the end of the movie...all those names, yeah they worked on that movie.  So I wanted to make sure that when you opened up you copy of the DVD they were listed prominently there for you. 

Thanks for letting me take a minute out to talk a little bit about the upcoming score, some of the look and feels of the artwork, and of course a huge Thank You to those of you who have supported us.

Oh...and while I'm on the subject of supporting things...did you know that Paul is out filming something right now?  Do you know it has some tie ins to Victims of Circumstance?

He is, and it does.   Keep your eyes peeled for a cool action short headed your way in the very near future called Deadly Memories 3.  It brings back an old friend, who you may have noticed in the "9-11 Speech" montage.  It's a quick scene, why don't you take a second to watch it again on your brand new DVD.  Go ahead, I'll wait here.  Seriously, I won't leave.

Back?  Good.  Did you see him?  Kind of a badass, right?

Well. that's all I'm allowed to say in this post...more soon!

With regards,

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Monday, November 12, 2012

For Immediate Release: VOC News.

So why the heck has the blog been so quiet of late?

What's been going on?

We've been crazy busy.  What do you think of the image below?  What could it mean?  It looks so...familiar. 

Well, a couple of you already know, and may in fact already have in your hot little hands a copy on DVD!  Yes, the little indie film that could is officially for sale.  We are still waiting on the some On Demand/Download Direct options are not fully reviewed and available just yet, but we do have DVDs!  They look pretty dang sexy too...

What do you think?

Drop us a line...

Or were you waiting for me to tell you where you can buy one?

As of this week, both Mike and Paul will have them for sale...

Remember Christmas is just around the corner!  Victims of Circumstance would make a great Christmas gift!

This is more then just a cool indie film made locally!  There are great bonus features too...  A candid interview with Paul and Buddy, a sneak peak at the joys of making the sound track, and of course, the outtakes.  How many takes of a scene are required to light a Zippo on cue?  You can find out. 

We're for us!

And while we're on the subject...look for some more information on Apollyon, Jim Blades, Carter, Charlie and the gang in upcoming posts!

All the best,

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Monday, July 23, 2012

VOC @ Gen Con

You heard it here first, True Believers: "Victims of Circumstance" has been accepted into the Gen Con Indy 2012 Film Fest! We are humbled, honored, stoked and giddy to be given this opportunity.

Our schedule info is listed below. Members of cast/crew will be on-hand and there's always time for impromptu meet and greets so please don't be shy.

Game ID - FLM1238516
Date - Sat 8/18/12
Time - 4:00pm
Location - Westin: Capitol III

For those that don't know, single-day passes to the Con are $50 and four-day passes are currently $80. To purchase your badges, reserve your FREE tickets to the VOC screening and/or learn more about Gen Con, head this way: Gen Con Indy 2012


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

"If you build it, they will come..."


Well!  A huge Thank You to everyone that came out last night for the Advanced Screening.
Cast, crew, friends, family, it was great to share VOC with you.
I’m sure some of you are asking “Okay, now what?  You bastards!”  

Ah, yes what happens next?  Well…we still have to finish the film, after a couple of well deserved days off.  There are distribution deals to work on and if I heard right at the after party, a possible project tie in/spin off might be in the works.  Or that could just be idle chatter.
If you are a Brandmeier fan, than you heard Paul on the radio yesterday talking about writing prostitutes into the sequel, so we’ll see what happens.  More updates, very soon… 

Paul...taking it all in before the audience arrives.
Mr. Aaron Brown, photographer...

Thanks again!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

RSVP for the Free Screening!!!

As most of you have already read, "Victims of Circumstance" will have a one-night advanced screening this coming Tue (4/17) at AMC Showplace 16 Theaters in Schererville IN (875 Deer Creek Drive). The movie starts at 7:00pm sharp so don't be late.

There will be no ticket charge at the door (simply let the Theater Reps know you are there for the VOC screening) though we will be accepting donations at the end of the night.

Please remember that though we are in a very large theater seats are going quickly.

To make sure that you and yours have seats locked away, please send an email to:

This will ensure that you have a seat. The night of the event, you definitely want to show up early, though. We will have a section of the theater roped off for those who RSVP'd, but seats within that section will still be first come/first serve.

And don't forget: after the screening all are invited to the official After Party being held at Northwoods (8101 Wicker Ave, St. John IN). There will be a cash bar and live music entertainment. You never know, a few of the cast/crew might even take the stage so bring your cameras.

Can't wait to see you guys there. Let the countdown begin...


Thursday, April 5, 2012

Advanced Screening!!! April 17th

Well here’s the news of the week.........

Victims of Circumstance 
Advanced Screening 
April 17th at 7pm 

AMC Showplace 16 in Schererville, IN

Want to come out and see it?
Please do!  

You are cordially invited to catch the screening and afterwards hang out with the cast at Northwoods in St. John, IN.  They may even show you where some of the scenes were shot for the film.

AMC Showplace 16                                                      Northwoods Restaurant
875 Deercreek Drive, Schererville, IN                            8101 Wicker Avenue, Saint John, IN

And many many thanks to all of our fans, supporters, and members of the Cast and Crew!