Wednesday, April 18, 2012

"If you build it, they will come..."


Well!  A huge Thank You to everyone that came out last night for the Advanced Screening.
Cast, crew, friends, family, it was great to share VOC with you.
I’m sure some of you are asking “Okay, now what?  You bastards!”  

Ah, yes what happens next?  Well…we still have to finish the film, after a couple of well deserved days off.  There are distribution deals to work on and if I heard right at the after party, a possible project tie in/spin off might be in the works.  Or that could just be idle chatter.
If you are a Brandmeier fan, than you heard Paul on the radio yesterday talking about writing prostitutes into the sequel, so we’ll see what happens.  More updates, very soon… 

Paul...taking it all in before the audience arrives.
Mr. Aaron Brown, photographer...

Thanks again!