Monday, July 23, 2012

VOC @ Gen Con

You heard it here first, True Believers: "Victims of Circumstance" has been accepted into the Gen Con Indy 2012 Film Fest! We are humbled, honored, stoked and giddy to be given this opportunity.

Our schedule info is listed below. Members of cast/crew will be on-hand and there's always time for impromptu meet and greets so please don't be shy.

Game ID - FLM1238516
Date - Sat 8/18/12
Time - 4:00pm
Location - Westin: Capitol III

For those that don't know, single-day passes to the Con are $50 and four-day passes are currently $80. To purchase your badges, reserve your FREE tickets to the VOC screening and/or learn more about Gen Con, head this way: Gen Con Indy 2012


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